le Noël [holidays]

   Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays.  Mine were pretty calm this year, but, after being so busy at work, it was exactly what I needed.  Can't wait to wear some of the new pieces I received for my wardrobe, such as this amazing Theory sweater and Marc by Marc silk dress.  I just hope I can fit in to them after the amount of tasty treats I let myself indulge in these past two days...

2012, here we come! 

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december [be kind]

 Vintage jacket | Calvin Kelin sweater

    Hello I'm a bad blogger.  With the holidays and my big move coming, I have been so super crazy busy.  Took these snaps about a month ago I think...hopefully I can get back in to it.
Found my new favorite jacket!  Too bad it doesn't keep me very warm.  

PS.  Where is all the snow??  I was looking forward to a white christmas... 

Snowy images found on tumblr.

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cheveux d'oiseau [bird hair]

Thrifted button down, jacket & bag | 7 for all mankind jeans | UO booties

So it's December.  Wow!  How did that happen?  Usually I'm not ready for winter but for some reason, this year, I'm okay with the idea that flakes are going to start falling.  Maybe because I went to California so many times this year... We also had such a perfect fall here, the idea of a snowy winter isn't terrifying, just sounds pretty.  

It is also incredibly difficult to find long tops.  I love this button down because it is sooooo long.  

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This is Mörkna.  It is amazing and the designer comes from my little city.  To see more, click here.

"mörkna is an androgynous line that explores the idea of exaggerated minimalism and expression of individuality through the use of layer and texture. the mörkna collection is the result of the combined efforts of american-born designers dave fryer and seth bullough which they established in the summer of 2010. they look to stay conscious of line and volume with the careful selection of fabrics their highest priority." - Mörkna

Awesome, right?

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Anthropologie sweater & booties | 7's for all Mankind jeans | Ecoté blouse 

Wow.  I definitely suck at blogging. I've also been really crazy busy, as I'm sure everyone has.  

Love this new chunky, cropped sweater I bought in LA.  I'm trying to figure out how to wear it though.  The sleeves are so big, you can put a jacket on top!  

Speaking of LA, lot's of people asked me what I used to take the photos from my last LA trip.  The answer is...my iphone and instagram.  The two greatest inventions known to mankind as of late. I'm totally obsessed (hence the instagram of me instagramming, above). 

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WeHo wandering

Here are some of my snaps from LA.  Most of the trip evolved around eating.  Which was fabulous.  I spent most of my time with my two dearest friends Stacey and Whit (who is a rather snappy dresser and excellent film maker).  Other then that, I spent most of my time at Barney's Coop and Opening Ceremony...uh oh! 

Now listening to:

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LA lovin'

So about four days ago I took a slightly spur of the moment trip to LA.  Didn't bring my camera or my computer, just my iPhone.  I won't be back home for a few more days, but check back for some awesome LA snaps later this week!  

LA is a funny place.  There are holiday decorations everywhere, it's 70 degrees, sunny and November.  Back home, the mountains are snowy and so are the streets.  It doesn't seem like the holidays are around the corner here.  I'm getting confused about what season I am in...

Hope everyone is enjoying the week so far. 

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Zara wedges, trench | Sweater courtesy of UB | Modcloth button down (seen here) | Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans

Burr!  It has been cold lately.  I have been layering up with button downs and sweaters.  Luckily, I had a chance to put away my winter coat and bust out my trench today.  I love this Modcloth button down (looking better here) but it is a little chilly to wear without a sweater. 

Thought I would share some snaps from our last little storm.  It was freezing...but beautiful! 

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Busy days

images found on Tumblr

Been super busy lately.  I recently started a second job and my schedule is crazy.  Loving my new employment though.  I get to spend my days with Acne, Marc Jacobs, Band of Outsiders and more.  Can't complain about that.  Plus, my wardrobe will only be getting better...

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