It's complicated

Vintage jean jacket | Bluebird top (gifted - Urban Blues, better seen here) | Acne shorts (seen here

Does anyone else think it is slightly crazy that today is the last day of September?  I think it is crazy.  Why does time go so quickly the older you get?  I feel like it should work the opposite direction.

Has anyone seen 'Drive'!?!?! I just saw it and thought it was totally amazing.  Plus,  the soundtrack is just fabulous.  I have been playing it over, and over and over and over... If you haven't seen it, I would highly recommend going to see it.  I mean, who doesn't like Ryan Gosling? 

Bon week-end!


Outfit du jour, jacket

Gap jacket | J.Crew tank | Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans 

I have been pleasantly surprised with Gap recently.  I totally am in love with the trousers I have from them and I really love this jacket.  It is the perfect weight.  I bought it a couple sizes too big, but, I like it that way.  I'm also wearing the Marc Jacobs jeans I bought in LA, but, you really can't see them in these quick snaps. They fit fabulously however!

Now that I have been home from my weekend in LA, I finally managed to finish unpacking last night.  My friends and I received roses one evening and somehow it managed to find its way in to my suitcase, on the plane, and in to my house with out being damaged.  It was a pretty funny surprise last night! 


Happy birthday Luci part one

Made it to LA and made it back from LA.  This is a totally random collection of photos.  I didn't have that much time to take pictures, and what I did take, well they are not exactly inspirational or exciting.  But, maybe if you have never been to LA before, you will enjoy them. Luci and I basically did everything we planned on doing.  We saw some wonderful art at LACMA and around town (galleries and street art), hit up Amoeba, ate a lot of tacos, found an incredible bookshop, fell in love with a flea market, went to some awesome bars and determined breakfast at 2pm is even better then normal breakfast.  Plus, Whit was an amazing tour guide! 

I didn't do too much shopping but I found a wonderful jacket at Zara and some fabulous jeans at Marc Jacobs (even though I just bought my dream jeans from Acne). 

Ciao, ciao,


Outfit du jour, and other things

Vintage denim top | Gap wide-legged trousers (also seen here) | Vintage Coach bag

My bestest friend Luci turns 22 tomorrow so we will be spending the weekend in California doing nothing but eating good food, shopping, going to galleries, drinking and dancing (of course).  I can't wait to get out of here!  This city is one of those places that is always wonderful to leave and good to come back to.  I'm used to traveling all of the time, but I haven't been able to in so long because of work.  

Today the challenge begins: packing.  I once went to Europe with 3 shirts and (no joke) 17 pairs of socks.  Which me luck.  However, I will not be taking my computer so, the blog will be a little quiet this weekend.  Check back next week for exciting snaps! 

When I get back from my little voyage, my goal is to start taking more photos of Salt Lake and the people who inhabit here with me.  It is its own little planet, that's for sure.  

Bon voyage!


Outfit du jour, my skirt is a shirt

Theory tank | Vintage button-up | UO booties | F21 leggings

I am totally infatuated with shirts as skirts!  I think it is such a fabulous idea and looks pretty cute actually.  I was actually shocked at what a nice waist line the shirt created, and I really like the silhouette as well.  I will for sure be doing more experimentation with the skirt shirt.  I want to use a sweater when it is colder. 

Thank you for all of your lovely Jean ideas!  I think I am going to have to go try a pair on of each kind mentioned   They all sounds wonderful. 

Bisous, bisous,


WishList, Zara & Jean Conundrums

I basically want everything that Zara has to offer, but, I am being extremely good and narrowing down my choices to things I actually 'need' for the fall/winter.  I am also searching for the perfect pair of dark jeans (not jeggings! I hate jeggings).  So far I am thinking either Cheap Monday or Acne.  Does anyone have any suggestions for fabulous jeans?



Outfit du jour, noir et rouge

Skirt from Tobi | Urban Blues shoes (gifted) | J. Crew tank & belt  

Good morning!  Now, originally I was not planing on having pictures of this look or posting it.  However, when I saw these photos I decided that they were a little different from some of the stuff I normally post and (and even though my skin is so pale I look like a vampire in these shots) I would post them anyway.  Florian and I are going to do a real shoot today!  I'm excited.

It rained yesterday.  It was splendid. 



Outfit du jour, et je ne sais pas

Urban Blues top & boots (gifted) | Thrifted shorts 

My new favorite lunch obsession is officially a rice-cracker with peanut-butter.  I have no idea why, but, I am currently completely addicted to it.  I also have been dressing incredibly simply and casually lately, which is really funny to me.  I have been so insanely busy lately too I haven't had time to do a good shoot.  I'm excited for the weather to start getting cooler so layering can begin.  This time of year though the sunsets are just gorgeous.  I think I almost died last night because of how totally fantastic the sky was.  



Outfit du jour, simply simple

J. Crew top | Zara pants | Steve Madden shoes | Vintage jacket, bag & belt

So this is a super basic outfit but I kind of like the simplicity of it.  I love this denim jacket and I am so happy it is just cool enough to be able to start wearing it again!  I've also never been much of a t-shirt person, until I found this black one at J.Crew.  I like that it is a little see-through! 

One of my dear friends is leaving today for 7 months to teach english in France.  I'm super jealous!!  I was supposed to do the same program, but, turned down the offer in order to focus on more career oriented goals ha ha.  Now I can only think about going back to Paris and I hope I didn't make a mistake.  And! he will be the for Paris Fashion Week....maybe I can find a way to sneak on to the plane...

Any favorites from the NY Fashion Week? 

Ciao, ciao.


Outfit du jour, chemise de serpent

Modcloth top | Gap wide-legged trouser 
     Ph/Florian Alberge 

I am completely infatuated with wide-legged trousers, trousers and sheer right now.  Something about mixing a little bit of professionalism with a little bit of crazy is just so much fun! 

I've never really been that make-up and hair savvy, but the other day I was chatting with a new friend of mine who works at a salon (Lunatic Fringe) and he gave me a lovely hair tip.  I'm guessing that the entire world new this already, but, if there is anyone out there like me, maybe you will find it helpful too.  He said to wash your hair with only conditioner and just use shampoo once a week (or less).  I have been trying it and, my,  it is absolutely amazing. 

Oh! Did anyone read the Sunday Styles in the NY Times?  There was a little piece on clothing line called 'Highland'.  Their stuff is incredible and they come from my little city!  

It's monday again! Bonne semaine à tous. 


Outfit du jour, business cards

Theory Tank | J. Crew Skirt | Steve Madden Oxfords | Vintage Belt

I finally received my business cards in the mail!  I'm so excited to start handing them out.  I feel like a real grown-up now, ha ha. What do you think of them?  In other news, I made polenta this weekend and wanted to share the photos with you...but I accidentally deleted them (I blame it on too much caffeine).   I am enjoying a lovely thunderstormy saturday in bed reading "Le livre du rire et de l'oubli" de Kundera, grace à Florian, and flipping through "Food & Wine".  

And lastly, I was really sad because I pulled out this wool skirt from J.Crew (that I hardly wore last year, even though I love it), and found out it was too big.  I tried to fix it with a belt but it got all weird around the waist.  I hate getting clothes tailored when it is a waist problem because the butt always gets funny.  Anyone have any suggestions?

ps I was doing some experimenting with my camera...so sorry for the odd photos.

Have a good weekend everyone.  Man, I feel like I just said that!

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Outfit du jour, le matin

J. Crew top | Acne shorts | Vintage Coach bag | Steve Madden oxfords

Today I realized how obsessed and addicted to granola and fruit I am and I wanted to share with the world how wonderful it is.  I'm going to be so sad when summer is over and the local fruit stands are gone.  While it is still summer though, I suggest mixing non-fat yogurt with granola and copious amounts of fresh berries.  There is nothing better.  

I walked through the park on the way to work this morning.  It was lovely.  Have a good weekend every one! 


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