Recipe: pizza love

Florian and I went up to my cabin this weekend and it was so lovely.  It was actually pretty cold (which I was super happy about) and we had to bust out our sweaters.  I always love going to my cabin because it is a chance to escape from the city and feel like I'm on vacation, even though I'm just and hour from home.  That is the great thing about this city.  How close we are to the mountains!

We decided that we wanted to have a pizza making competition so I decided to make a classic pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and lots and lots of garlic. Florian choose to do a pizza with andouille, pepperoni, tomatoes, mushrooms and a fancy cheese (right now I can't remember the name...).  They were both delicious (better cold the next day, but I always find that true with pizza) and I'm not sure we ever decided on a winner.  

I forgot how easy it is to bake a pizza.  I debated on making the crust from scratch but since we were going to be in the mountains I decided just to buy a frozen crust from Whole Foods.  It was a decent crust, but it wasn't as crunchy as I would have liked it.  You can really just throw anything you want on a pizza and chances are it's going to be wonderful.

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  1. Amazing, this makes me want to eat pizza immediately, looks delicious!
    Yes, I took those pictures. I'm honoured that you like them that much :) Thanks for the compliments, I'm now one of your readers as well.
    Your comment is probably the longest one I ever received in English. It makes me happy to see that people also read what I have to say instead of just look at the pictures and leave that standard comment "lovely + bloglink". So thanks for that :)
    Haha, I guess you've been lucky indeed. I cannot tell anything about the underwear at Pimkie, never tried that.


  2. ohmygosh this look delicious. I'm not seriously hungry. Pizza is probably my favorite food. I love the way they make it in Italy. So light and fluffy. yummmmm


  3. GReat taste of food though!!! ;)


  4. Hm ? SOOOOORRY for having speak french.
    My English is not very good :/

    You do so beautiful pictures - If I speak french I can say more, but in english I have not enough words :D -, you make me feel hungry...
    (But I hate red wine... :P)


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