Outfit du jour, mercredi

J. Crew tank, belt | Gap pants | Ecoté booties | H&M sweater | Vintage Coach bag 

Wow it has been a busy week.  There have been so many dinners, parties and random cookie baking that I don't even know what day it is.  Today I was super lazy though.  My alarm clock went off early so I could grab a coffee before going to spin class and I was so tired decided not to go to class and to spend the morning drawing.  I haven't had a chance to sketch in so long it was so incredibly lovely! Plus, the mornings are so cool now it's hard to do anything but enjoy them.  Sorry for the odd shots of this look.   Florian has been busy with class and I have been working so much we haven't been able to shoot anything.  Today, we are planning something good though...  

In other news, I was asked to film a commercial for the boutique I work at.  I'm super excited.  Theatre will always be my one true love, but, film is so much and way less stressful.  



  1. You're going to film a commercial? that's awesome! :) and this outfit is so nice! really simple but gorgeous!


  2. You have such a gorgeous face! And I absolutely love your boots!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  3. Congrats about filimg a commercial for your company!! How exciting!!

    Love your boots!

    xoxo Denise


  4. First of all: congrats! Then- thanks a lot for your thoughtful comment and your opinion. That's exactly what I love about blogging too :)
    And your outfit is simple yet really beautiful.


  5. can't wait to see the commercial. and this outfit is lovely. lovee the bag. perfect fall/summer transition.


    ps. I LOVED the quote:) I'm such a quote-whore.

  6. Je dois tutoyer ou vouvoyer, du coup ?
    J'ai du mal à déterminer si je dois parler français ou anglais aussi !

    (say it if you speak english :P)

    La recette : http://www.marmiton.org/recettes/recette_cookies-simple-et-delicieux_40446.aspx

    Mais je mets 200 gr de farine et 120/130 gr de beurre, sinon ils sont trop durs. (Et quand ils sortent du four, ils sont vraiment très mous, mais une fois tièdes ils durcissent un peu et sont alors parfaits.) (Je conseille une cuisson à 210° pendant 8 à 10 minutes, plutôt)

    La veste vient de "Vintage Désir", elle ne m'a coûté que 10€ (on ne la voit pas très bien, mais j'espère avoir bientôt l'occasion de faire quelques photos qui soient meilleures...)

  7. I love this!!!! You have very chic effortless style!!! :):):)

    Daniella :):):):)


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