J. Crew cashmere sweater & top | Vintage bag

Took a trip. Found this house.


Time to fall

Margaret Howell cropped trousers | United Bamboo cardigan | 3.1 Phillip Lim top | Rag & Bone gloves | Maison Margiela Line 11 bag | Jill Sander bootie

I am totally in love with this top I just received from Free People.  It fits well under a sweater and it is long and perfectly oversized.  I realized that I really have no green in my wardrobe so from now on, I am going to collect more green.  I enjoy it as a color!  I can't wait to figure out different ways to wear it.

You are also looking at a few of my favorite fall things.  Pumpkins and leaves (duh haha,) coffee ( however, I just discovered a tea that is made with coca and it is slowly becoming my new favorite beverage,) the last of the vegetable from my garden, waffles and tiny treats (which tantalized me this morning in the NY Times)!   Who else craves pumpkin this time of year?  Pumpkin lattes, cookie, lotion!! 

I also haven't created a WishList in a while so I thought it was time to put one together.  Love the Rag & Bone gloves above all!  

Happy fall, finally! 

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Last of the jacket, time to mix it up

Zara jacket, top & booties | Urban Blues jeans | Asos sunglasses 
I think I need to start wearing another jacket.  I think my last three posts have all been in this same jacket.  I can't help it though!  I love, love, love it so much! I also love these new shoes I bought at Zara.  They are super comfy and easy to walk in. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  


Starting to turn here

Free People dress | Zara jacket & boots | Vintage belt
The leaves are starting to change here.  It is phenomenal.  That is the plus about living in a city surrounded by mountains.  They always look like lava is pouring off them because the colors are so intense.  I don't know if I could ever live somewhere where the four seasons don't exist.

I'm always a little afraid of wearing white.  I tend to spill or splash things on myself with out being aware.  I made it through the day with getting dirty though! I'm so proud. 

Bisous mes amis


Les choses et je ne sais pas

Zara jacket | Theory tank | Acne shorts
So, how was everyones weekend?  I went out to dinner with my dad (which was lovely) and went to Art Meets Fashion (AMF).  AMF is a yearly show here in slc that highlights local designers, artists, musicians, dancers etc.  I didn't take many pictures, and the ones I got were not very good.  Due to the sheer awkwardness of some of them, I decided to post a few.  The menswear was def my favorite. I love mens clothing though, haha.  Overall, it was a successful night, I just wish I took better snaps!  

The last photo is a random photo I found on the interwebs.  Rag & Bone jeans I believe...


Outfit du jour, lovely leopard, lovely lunettes

H&M cardigan | Zara top | Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans | UO booties | Asos sunnies 
 So, obviously, I am in love with these sunglasses.  Who wouldn't be?  I think they are so much fun.  I always have problems finding sunnies that I like because my head is such an odd shape, haha. When I saw these at Asos, I knew I had to have them.  Also, I think it is time to try out a new bag.  I think this is the only one I have been using and it might be time to mix it up.  I always have the worst time finding bags I like though.  They are never simple enough for my taste.

Sorry for the copious amount of snaps in this post.  Have a good week-end! 


Outfit du jour, rien de spécial

Zara sweater | Madewell button down | Hudson jeans

I am totally in love with these sunglasses.  They make me feel cool, haha.  I also am in love with Madewell.  Everything I have ever bought from them is fabulous.  

Graphic novels.  I am now obsessed with them.  They are such an interesting form of literature.  Writing and the use of language has changed so much.  When I think about Shakespeare, for example, and how he used words.  Everything was elaborated because words were what ha had to create the world of the play.  Word play, banter and innuendo were forms of entertainment for everyone.  Today we text and read graphic novels.  They each use the simplest form of the phrase and get right to the point.  I think it is fascinating.

I like to dabble in drawing on my free time.  I don't ever show anyone anything, but, I've decided to share.  I don't think you can get better with out comments from others, so please tell me what you think and constructive criticism is welcome.



Outfit du jour, new jacket

Zara jacket | Gap cardigan (better seen here) | T by Alexander Wang top | Hudson jeans 
When I was in LA, I bought this jacket from Zara.  I think it is just adorable and I always feel so chic when I wear it, haha. Don't ask me why I felt compelled to buy a jacket in LA, but, I knew I loved it when I saw it.  Actually, it was relatively nippy in the evenings and I didn't pack a jacket.  Like I said, I'm super bad at packing.  I'm glad I didn't though, because I was able to buy this baby!   

I am completely obsessed with this song right now, please click here to listen. 

Ciao mes amis! 


Fin du week-end

I have seen so many movies this week!  'Midnight in Paris', 'Contagion', 'Moneyball', '50/50', 'Drive' (again) and I rented 'Inception' finally.  I'm really rather impressed with myself.  Now I just have to see 'The Ides of March' and my movie watching experience will be complete.  I'm rather excited for it though.  I believe it is based off of 'Julius Caesar' and Shakespeare is my all time passion.  Besides moving seeing, I spent the weekend cooking and meandering around slc in my new jacket (see tomorrows post).  Anyone do anything fun?

Have a good last hours of the weekend.


Les lovely lèvres

Many people commented my last post and said that they liked the lip color I was wearing.  So, I thought I would share what it was!  First of all I used a little 'Rosebud Salve' (because who doesn't love that stuff!) and next put on a tiny bit of 'Lady Bug' by Mac.  By itself, I like it, but it can sometimes be a little bright.  For the final touch, I used my absolute favorite color 'Made to Last' part of Mac's pro longwear lip cream collection.  I don't know that much about make-up, but I do know that I love this combination! 

Have a good weekend.  Party hard! 


Outfit du jour, la pluie et les raisins

Zara sweater | 7 for all Mankind skinnies | Urban Blues boots - gifted 

It's sooooooooo cold!  When I woke up this morning to go to work (at 4:30am) it was 39 degrees!  It 's almost snowing outside.  Two days ago it was 90 degrees!  I tell you, this city has crazy weather.  However, I do enjoy the four seasons. 

I am totally and completely in love with this sweater from Zara.  It is the perfect weight and I love that their are slits up the sides.  When there is a band at the bottom of a shirt or sweater, I hate it!  It sits on my body really poorly.  With the slit, there is no weird riding up at the waist.  These 7's are also the best black jeans ever!  Not kidding.  I love them.  And I am really jean picky.  They don't stretch out after one wear and they are super comfortable.

There was an amazing rainstorm yesterday that cleaned out the city.  I tried to capture some nice shots.  SLC can be seriously beautiful.  The iPhone however kind of let me down... better luck next time.

Whatever weather you are enjoying, have a lovely day!   


Couldn't stop myself

I was doing so good, and then... I shopped.  I broke down and took myself on a little Zara/asos online shopping spree.  I am pretty proud of myself though, I didn't go too crazy.  I shopped responsibly and purchased some good fall pieces, I think.  

I also took myself out to tea yesterday at this lovely little place called the Beehive Tea Room.  It is all vintage/retro inspired and simply cozy and adorable.  

The best thing is that it is raining right now!!  

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