Playing Catch Up [#printsonprintsonprints]

A brief collection of past ensembles. You will see these items (especially the leopard print shirt) reoccur many times on this blog...

I am constantly unsatisfied with my wardrobe.  It sounds awful to say out loud, but, it's true.  I blame this on being a gemini.  It's the whole split personality thing.  Half of me just wants to wear all black and be totally chic, edgy and classy and the other half wants to wear as many prints and layers as physically possible.  The later tends to win, thus, I leave my apartment looking crazy and often homeless.  The great thing about style though is that it can change everyday if you want, nothing is ever set in stone.  Feeling comfy in your clothes can change your attitude towards your day, I think that's pretty cool. 

The great thing and terrible thing about living in NY is the amount of awesomeness one sees everyday. People wear things that I would never consider and they look totally RAD.  Plus, every single store, brand, whatever can be found here.  Learning how to shop smart.  That's my goal. 


  1. I love all these looks! I'm the same way...some days I'm all edgy and rocker chic, others I want to be basic and classy, haha..

  2. ah, yes. i'm a cancer but i have the same problem. admittedly, this is usually because i'm displeased with my particular jeans and t-shirt pairing. oops. (erin from reading my tea leaves--thanks again for your wedding outfit advice (!)).


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