What they don't tell us [I got lucky]

Quick photos from my first few months in NY.  Ohhh what a tease.

I feel like I come from a pretty average background   Meaning, I finished high school, went to collage, got my degrees and was told the world was mine to concur.  Then I moved to NY and realized that might not be so true after all.  I was a 4.0, triple major in school, granted, I didn't study anything to do with fashion or journalism, I figured I was well rounded and all me professors said my degrees would get me anywhere.  Theatre taught me about talking to people, presenting myself, working on a team.  French: opened up a new world and the French are big in Fashion, thought it might be useful.  Costume Design: that's the closest I got to fashion.  When I showed up here, I was not aware that no one in NY takes you seriously unless you have a NY Internship on your resume.  Lucky for me, I moved for an internship.  Had I just showed up here thinking, cool, I'm a go get myself a job now, I would have a major bridge to cross.  The struggle now the internship is over... get another unpaid internship so I can gain some more industry knowledge and work 5 to 6 days a week so I have barley enough money for rent... 

In an industry and age where we bust through school to get a job, it's difficult to allow myself the time I need to 'get my ducks in a row'. 

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  1. So true! And what's even more disheartening is all the internships want you to get credit for school, and I'm not in school anymore... *sigh* I'll never make it in the fashion world.
    (and now you're really tempting me with the Pistols, ha ha...perhaps one day...maybe for my birthday I can convince my mom to go halfsies or even thirds, ha ha)


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