This city be [cray]

HI. Again. 

It's been forever since I wrote anything on this.  I kind of gave up on the whole blogging thing after I moved to NYC since I lost my photographer and any free time I had.  However, 8 months later, I actually kind of miss it and think I might give it another chance. 

Basically, I moved from Salt Lake to New York City eight months ago for an Internship at one of the biggest PR firms in NY and Paris.  I learned a lot and lost a lot.  NYC isn't how it seems in the movies (duh).

This blog used to be about my outfits now it's going to be about figuring out how to live and work in NYC. 

I'm on the tightest budget in the world, work 5 days a week and intern 2 days a week, just so I can pay my rent, I used to have goals to check off my list, now I'm lost, and I pretty much live off of carrots with hummus and coffee.  Nothing I do is glamourous, but it sure is real.  I'm very lucky to be living here and have the opportunities I have.  I'm not trying to sound like a train wreck, my life is pretty damn good and easy, I'm sure.  I uprooted myself to the most lonely, fast paced, fierce city probably ever (except for maybe the Roman Empire) just like a bunch of us do to achieve a big dream.  I'm going to write about figuring out how to live and work in this crazy city (I'm starting from bare bones here) and want to share what I'm learning.

It's going to be me and my iPhone (aided my Instagram and 5 billion other photo apps, of course)... 


  1. So true, I am afraid to move to NYC for that reason...what if I can't make it?! Luckily I'm only a train ride away so if I had to I could commute...but I need to get a job/internship first ;)


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