The Intro

Here is a little bit about me (Julia) in pictures.
1. The little city I currently reside in   2. Picture I took at Chateau Chaumont
3. There is nothing like bread and cheese   4. My little city again
 5. Some Ratatouille my friend and I made, yum   6. C'est moi!
7. Champagne at my favorite local restaurant   8. Coolest new running shoes (they're so bright!) 
9. Delicious, healthy cranberry-walnut cookies I made   10. An espresso at the Rose Est.
11. Sitting on the Bay in San Francisco (Photo: Florian Alberge)   12. The best quinoa recipe ever
13. Backstage at the latest photoshoot I did   14. The Farmers Market 
15. The coolest dogs in the world   16. New York I love you
17. An Amaretto Sour (still figuring out how I feel about it)   18. Moi, enocre 

So basically, I am fed up with living in this city.  With this blog, I want to try to discover new places and things to do here before I move.  I also want to document local fashion and artists.  It's definitely a different world here.  

I'm a health freak and I love cooking, so I will be sharing my cooking adventures.  French was one of my majors in school and I am totally addicted to anything French.  Along with French, I studied Theatre and Costume Design.  I'm trying to get my foot in to the Fashion industry.  When I discovered I loved doing research on Fashion outside of school, I knew it was my calling.  I currently am working as a model, actor and have three other jobs that actually pay me. I'm no photographer, but I love taking pictures.  I own I Nikon D90 and am taking classes in photography.  Right now I'm obsessed with the copious amounts of cameras on my iPhone though...

I hope this blog catches your eye.

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