Little goodies to get the week started

I had a pretty lovely weekend and I hope everyone else did too.  I actually had a day off on Saturday (which was amazing) and I quit one of my jobs (yay)! Now I need to find another 3rd job...I also received the photos from one of the Photo Shoots I just did with Karen and it looks pretty cool.  I will be posting some of the photos soon I hope! There was a storm last night that was 'incroyable'.  It rained so hard you couldn't see and the lightening brightened the entire sky. Fabulous.  Should be shooting some more looks soon (or at least I hope so).

1. Celebrated a friends birthday with little treats  2. Breakfast at the Farmers Market  3. I made pasta and Florian made the most amazing crêpes in the world  4. The best drinks in the word and dancing! 

Bonne semaine à tous. 

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  1. mm I love farmers market. I try to go as much as possible. It is so much fun actually interacting with the people who grow the food (plus the one by me has the best cookies!)

    I love Charlotte Gainsborough's latest CD. so chill. It'll probably pop up on my blog one of these days. Have you seen the science of sleep? she is adorable in that movie. I actually haven't seen anything by him but Le Mepris is on my list because I love Brigitte Bardot. Well, her look. Maybe not her crazy views...

    Seulement un peu. J'ai étudié le latin pendant quatre ans.

  2. mmm so yum! can't wait to see the photos!


  3. These all look yummy! :) Makes me hungry!

    xoxo Denise



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